UPI-3500 Mobile Power Supply-In A Kit

The UPI-3500 is a special kit featuring a multi-purpose alternator and power control unit. Fitted to any vehicle it produces a pure sine wave output, essential for powering 110 or 240 volt equipment, drawing power from a 12 or 24 volt battery

UPI3500BC Manual


  • Constant 240V or 110V power supply for all electric hand tools with an AC motor.
  • Fully regulated battery charging for 12V & 24V Batteries (BC Model Only).
  • Portable generator for lighting wherever you go.
  • Makes no difference to the way a vehicle is driven, and operates as a normal heavy duty alternator when driving with full regulation 


  • Microprocessor controlled solid state circuitry.
  • 3500W of continuous AC power at 240V (110V).
  • Fully isolated 240V (110V) AC supply. Sine wave technology for low harmonic outputs.
  • Standard Kits with universal alternator configuration.
  • Variable preset charging voltages to charge battery systems out side of the normal boost and float charge regimes.
  • Designed to maximize engine cooling at R.P.M whilst the vehicle is stationary.
  • Safe to use in vehicles with electronic instrumentation or control.
  • Intelligent power Manager monitor and protects control and power circuits from overloading